Education is being together. Unlocking every barrier of collaboration, be yourself in a community that grows through vibrant, deep, engaged and practical conversations
Pat Calmels D'Artensac

Our online community is the heart and centre of Learning Pioneers. Here, you will have agency by having opportunities to co-create and co-design our content and guide our collective learning journey. You will be able to co-design Q and A’s for lead thinkers, tailoring questions to your context and interests, and having the opportunity to enter a dialogue with lead thinkers on your chosen area of interest in our “lives”. The most impactful and talked about aspect of our community is the people in it and their positive, reflective, engaged attitudes towards our continuous professional discussions.

Who is this for?

This option is for you if you are seeking out professional dialogue with like-minded practitioners across the globe and are ready to invest in and drive your own professional development.

What’s Included:

  • Access to all “courses”, plus:
  • Monthly “campfire” live conversations with colleagues across the globe
  • Access and co-creation of “live” events with lead thinkers, such as James Nottingham, Kath Murdoch and Guy Claxton
  • Weekly provocations to unpick and discuss micro-content from “lives”.
  • Opportunities to share practice and learn from the practice of other practitioners across the globe
  • “Live” book studies to unpick pedagogy and strategies within texts
  • Guidance from Dr Kulvarn Atwal throughout the year on how to develop a culture for thinking in your school

Advantages and impact

  • “Live” interaction and feedback from colleagues across the globe
  • Coaching, feedback and thought development with Becky Carlzon and the team of Learning Pioneer Advocates
  • A safe, nurturing and stimulating learning environment where you can grow and become your best self - professionally and personally
  • Opportunities to wonder, reflect, make mistakes, fail forwards, receive constructive feedback, try again


  • Get out what you put in. The more interactive you are in the community, the more you will learn.
  • We recommend downloading the Mighty Networks app and putting aside at least 5 minutes per day or 35 minutes per week to engage with the community

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