Let's get intentional

Ditch punishing resolutions and replace them with soul-nourishing intention. Find out how in this short blogpost. Feed your soul, start your year right.

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What do the LPA and Reggio Emilia Have in Common?

What do the LPA and Reggio Emilia have in common? Through making links between impactful approaches like the Learning Power Approach, inquiry and Reggio Emilia, we are able to deepen our pedagogical understanding, empower ourselves as educators and make consciously competent choices in curating learning experiences for and with our students. In this rich blogpost, Tara Kher explores the links between the LPA and Reggio Emilia ...

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The Improvement Jar - Cultivating positive mindsets for learning

I was teaching a particularly challenging group of Year 6 students who I’d allowed to become my personal ‘rocks’. Not only were these children academically struggling, but at least half the class had some degree of learning or behavioural difficulty. Despite having a background in Special Needs education, I felt myself drowning - I was losing positivity and was struggling to figure out how to support my class without losing myself in the process.

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Can we empower children to plan and assess their own learning?

If someone asked me this question early on in my career, I would have probably laughed and thought, “that's all we need, like we don’t have enough to do!”

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Blowing up the Ordinary - Part 4

The final blogpost in our "Power" series. Kath Pratt illustrates what power alongside can really look like in learning, generously sharing her approach at Soweni school.

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Blowing up the Ordinary - Part 3

This is the third part of our "Power series" written by Kath Pratt. Together, with you, we are exploring the power dynamic in schools and whether we have it within our power to change it ...

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Blowing up the Ordinary - Part 2

The second blogpost in our four-part series exploring the concept of "power".

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Blowing up the Ordinary - Part 1

Exploration of "power" - Power is more than just dominance - How can power exist inside ourselves, in relation to others; over one another and alongside each other?

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The Magic of Masterminds

Blogpost explaining the what, why, how of Masterminds and the impact they can have on your personal and professional development.

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