"Becky pushes our thinking to the limits and, as Mastermind host, she gives us the space to dream, think and challenge ourselves as practitioners and leaders, no matter how busy our day is."
Rebecca Archer,
Deputy Head Teacher
Headshot of a head teacher

Masterminds take your professional learning to the next level.

Through meeting twice a month via Zoom, we creating coaching and professional dialogue opportunities between professionals across the globe. We really unpick what we want to put into place in our classrooms and why, therefore understanding not only how we can impact on learning, progress and well-being in our classrooms but why it is effective. This means we gain conscious competence in our practice, feel confident to try new ideas and take risks and are able to articulate and share our practice with colleagues outside of the community. 

Who is this for?

This option is for you if you are seeking out professional dialogue with like-minded practitioners and leaders across the globe and are ready to invest in and drive your own professional development.

What’s Included:

  • All the features "community", plus:
  • Fortnightly hour long Mastermind discussions with like minded, committed practitioners and leaders across the globe, facilitated by Becky Carlzon or a trained Learning Pioneer Advocate
  • Opportunities for focused feedback from colleagues on your current area of growth
  • In depth book studies and discussions
  • Key points to reflect on, plan and tailor your learning journey

Advantages and impact

  • Be at the forefront of leading practice
  • Be consciously competent in your practice
  • Feel confident to try out new ideas
  • Make rapid progress in your practice


We ask for 80% attendance. This is because we are all committed to each other’s learning and growth. We take our learning seriously

Intellectually curious, researched-informed and widely experienced, Becky brings her logical, analytical and child-centred thinking throughout her feedback in the Learning Pioneers Masterminds.

Becky supports different approaches across schools to unpick and refine what we want to create in our school. This is not an easy or straight-forward process. Time is given for struggle and grappling with concepts. She understands that through reflective practice and articulation of thoughts educators will implement the changes that will allow children in their care to thrive and flourish."

Robert Cleary

Head Teacher, co-author of “Powering Up Your School” 
and Leadership Mastermind member.

Learning Pioneers Mastermind

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