Plan Your Next Best Steps for Success

Focus on what matters in your professional and personal life.

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Focus on what matters in your professional and personal life.

Ever felt like you have too much to do and never enough time, resources or energy to focus on what really matters? What if you could find ways to have laser-sharp focus on your most important next steps, find time to work towards your bigger goals and feel connected, supported and nurtured in the process? This micro-course distils inspiration from business leaders, educational thinkers and educators across the world to give you tools and techniques to have clarity and focus on your professional and personal goals - And achieve them!

What’s included in the course?

Inspiration from world leaders

Bringing together research and wisdom from world leaders in business and education, this micro-course will save you hours of reading and research as key ideas to apply to school life are condensed into short easy-to-follow video provocations.

Walk a journey, leave no stone unturned

This micro-course includes three short video provocations and a series of reflective questions and actions which build upon one another. As you action each implementable step, you will be one step closer to a more organised, fulfilling, joy-filled life.

Access to the Learning Pioneers community

You will gain immediate access to our buzzing, global learning community whilst you follow this course. As well as gaining impact from the micro-course, you will be able to access free “live” webinars with Becky Carlzon and unique discounts to other areas of our community on completing the course.

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