Learning Pioneers’ courses provide a welcoming, inspiring step into developing meaningful, purposeful and joyful pedagogy. They are designed to give you plenty of food-for-thought and the space to warmly reflect on your own practice.

Each course is divided into modules which give you practical and easy-to-implement steps to transform your practice. Exploring effective practice in areas such as well-being, challenge and playful learning, you will always have something new to learn. Built in collaboration with lead thinkers and lead practitioners, these courses will get you started on our own self-empowered professional learning journey.

Who is this for?

This option is for you if you would like to start to get a feel for the kinds of thinking and discussions that take place in our community and are keen to learn more about a range of meaningful, purposeful pedagogical approaches. 

What’s Included:

  • Easy-to-access micro-content, provocations and reflections you can follow in your own time
  • Videos from Becky Carlzon and lead thinkers bringing ideas to life
  • Book study questions and reflections to follow and deepen thinking

Advantages and impact

  • Asynchronous content. Access in your own time
  • The richest thinking from last year's Learning Pioneers "lives", reflections and practical actions all in one place
  • Share ideas back in your school teams; impact on learning across your school
  • Cheaper than a Netflix subscription; packed full of learning and ideas you can use the next day.

List of Current Courses


Adrian Bethune and Becky Carlzon walk you through practical and easy-to-implement steps to embed well-being into the DNA of your classroom. These include meditation and mindfulness techniques, developing habits with your students around well-being and embedding discussions around well-being into your classroom talk and habits.

Don't under-estimate the impact of these small, incremental changes though! By the end of this course, your classroom will be a happier, more connected, caring place to learn.

Headshot of Adrian BethuneHeadshot of Becky Carlzon

Adrian Bethune & Becky Carlzon

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Learning Power Approach 

Dive into this introduction course to the LPA to give a solid foundation to your understanding of this impactful approach.

The course includes video provocations from Guy Claxton and Becky Carlzon, bringing the theory, frameworks and practicality of the LPA to life. By the end of this course you will have a clearer understanding of the LPA and have plenty of ideas about how you can put it into practice.

Headshot of Guy ClaxtonHeadshot of Becky Carlzon

Guy Claxton & Becky Carlzon

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James Nottingham and Becky Carlzon help you get to grips with impactful ways to develop a relish for challenge in your classroom.

Throughout this course, you will explore tweaking your language and mindset to articulate challenge, adapting your classroom environment, using tools and adjusting your lesson structure to encourage challenging learning. Be warned! Some of these adjustments might be challenging, but it wouldn't be a very good "challenge" course, would it?!

Headshot of James NottinghamHeadshot of Becky Carlzon

James Nottingham & Becky Carlzon

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