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Relationships are the warp and weft of any school community and the basis of creating psychologically safe schools and highly connected classrooms.

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Want to develop relationships but don’t know how?

This course gives you easy-to-follow practical ideas to develop relationships in your school and classroom. You won’t need to change around your timetable nor will you need to spend time preparing all the resources. We’ve done the hard work and thought for you. All you need to do is follow and action each course unit. The result? A more harmonious classroom and a clear plan for building relationships moving forwards.

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A journal of ideas

Have an over-flowing ideas bank!

This course is packed full of ideas to make well-being tangible, practical and accessible for children. Each idea is simple, impactful and tried-and-tested so we know they work. Through having the opportunity to interact with Becky Carlzon and other course members, you can ask questions and troubleshoot as you go.

Align your approach with your beliefs

As your day-to-day interactions with children have relationships at their heart, aligning your school approach and policies with this will be paramount. As well as sharing ideas as to how you can personally develop relationships within your team and classroom, this course explores more nuanced and challenging whole school approaches to building relationships, such as how to successful set up restorative conferences and building relationships policies.

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Create a classroom ethos with relationships at its heart


Harmonious classroom communities

Through focusing on building relationships, your classes will be built on trust and harmony. This will result in a happier, more connected classroom community.


Create a launchpad for psychological safety

More connected learners engage more readily with learning. With strong relationships as a basis, learners will be more ready to take risks and challenge themselves in learning.


Impact beyond the classroom

Not only will you build relationships in your classroom and school, this will also positively affect your personal relationships and student’s relationships beyond the school day.

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What’s included?

Easy-to-follow content

Each unit introduces a new, simple idea to embed well-being into your classroom. Short video provocations from Mark give clear explanations of these ideas. You can return to these videos as many times as you need to consolidate these ideas and practises.

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Create maximum impact in your classroom

Purposefully designed tools enable you to reflect on your journey and target next steps. As you progress through this course, you will notice quick gains and impact which will encourage you to keep going.

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Real-time interaction

Each course has a comments section where you can share your progress, ask questions and read other members’ progress. Becky Carlzon will always be on hand to give feedback, offer suggestions and connect you with other members. You will never feel alone, members are generous and always ready to support you on your journey.

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The instructors

Headshot of Mark FInnis

Mark Finnis

Mark Finnis is the founder and director of L30 Relational Systems and has more than twenty years’ experience of working with schools, organisations large and small, both nationally and internationally. Mark has been involved in the national development of restorative practices since the late 1990s.Mark is the author of Independent Thinking On Restorative Practice: Building relationships, improving behaviours and creating stronger communities, which is a number 1 best seller on Amazon.In 2019 he received the Chris Donovan Trust’s Restorative Practice Champion award in recognition of his work nationally.Mark has advised on national policy and practice development since 2005 and was part of a small group who rewrote the national best practice guidance for restorative practitioners in 2012. Mark is also proud to be an associate for Research in Practice (RIP) and Independent Thinking Limited (ITL).Mark is also trained as an FGC coordinator and is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner trained and certified under Dr Richard Bandler.He is also a dad of five children, a proud scouser and loves his dog called Dexter.

Becky Carlzon

Becky Carlzon

“When I reflect on my time as a classroom practitioner, I realise that nothing I achieved with my class and colleagues was possible without strong, trusting relationships. Looking back, many of the relationships I built were strong, deep and trusting and, having worked with Mark in Learning Pioneers, I am able to see what I put in place to create these strong relationships. On the occasions those relationships weren’t as strong or could have been repaired more effectively, opportunities and learning were sadly lost. Had I gained conscious competence in building relationships and applied techniques like the ones outlined in this course, I would have had the tools to confidently reframe and nurture those relationships I didn’t know how to repair. This is why I’m excited to bring this course and Mark’s wisdom to Learning Pioneers - So that we can empower educators to know exactly how to build relationships and therefore positive impact on every young person and every family in their school community”

This course is for:

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Relationships Course for Teachers

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All our courses include access to;
Dip Your Toes in
community content
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Course Modules

  1. Why restorative practice?
  2. Developing a restorative mindset
  3. 1% gains - A little goes a long way
  4. Culture by design
  5. Every child needs a champion
  6. 5 key foundations of relationships
  7. The power of “with”
  8. Language and belief in students
  9. Restorative conversations
  10. Restorative circles
  11. Restorative meetings and conferences
  12. Moving forwards
  13. Reflection and summary
  14. BONUS

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