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Learning Pioneers provides practical, up-to-date learning opportunities tailored to your vision and values. We take collective efficacy seriously.

John Hattie’s meta-analysis in 2015 found that collective teacher efficacy has an effect size of 1.57. Since the average effect size is 0.4, this means that collective teacher efficacy can quadruple the typical effect on student achievement.

And collective efficacy is what we are all about…
“Collective efficacy (when the staff of a school believe they are capable of helping all students make excellent progress) is one of the most significant factors influencing student achievement”
James Nottingham

What if, together, we could...

  • Create a collaborative culture of teachers open to and enthused by educational research
  • Promote and strengthen positive learning dispositions amongst your staff
  • Create collaboratively learning opportunities for all staff, aligned with your school vision and values AND teacher interests
  • Create an expansive learning environment
  • Equip staff with the tools, information and resources they need to implement the most impactful and inspiring learning in their classrooms

What if…

Every teacher could be your best teacher -
enthusiastic, onboard, full of ideas, supportive of your shared vision
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Driving your school’s vision forward can feel exhausting at times.

No-one tells you that it can be lonely at the front; it is stressful trying to balance protecting and enthusing your staff, onboarding stakeholders with your vision, juggling 20 jobs that weren’t even on your list at the beginning of your day! And that’s not to mention having to pivot during COVID! 

Where’s the time for the “good stuff”?! The reason you got into this job in the first place: To expand your vision, to impact on 100’s or 1000’s of lives, to have a positive impact on your community and beyond. 

We have found that by walking with you and firing up your vision with your staff and bringing out the best in them though our community and guidance that we can take some of this weight off your shoulders AND have a lasting impact on learning. Once your teachers are signed up to Learning Pioneers, the next thing you know, you will be walking into your teachers' classroom fully confident that the learning will be alive and the children will be buzzing from your teachers having taken the learning to the next level.

What is the value of instilling this kind of enthusiasm and confidence in your educators? What is this level of impact on children's learning worth?

Effective teacher learning involves*:


Sustained interactions and interventions 

(as opposed to individual training sessions)


Giving teachers choice

and influence over their professional development


Collaborative work

within a professional learning community

And in Learning Pioneers we have all 3

*Quoted from Dr Kulvarn Atwal's, "The Thinking School"
GTCE study 2007

Intellectually curious, researched-informed and widely experienced, Becky brings her logical, analytical and child-centred thinking throughout her feedback in the Learning Pioneers Community.

Becky supports different approaches across schools to unpick and refine what we want to create in our school. This is not an easy or straight-forward process. Time is given for struggle and grappling with concepts. She understands that through reflective practice and articulation of thoughts educators will implement the changes that will allow children in their care to thrive and flourish."

Robert Cleary

Head Teacher, co-author of “Powering Up Your School”
and Leadership Mastermind member.

Being part of our community means that you will…

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Fire up your vision from the ground up 

Your teachers will be able to tap into a plethora of easy-to-access content and bring those ideas directly into your school, driving your shared vision from the classroom. 

Energise me
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Collaborate with 100’s of educators across the globe

Troubleshoot, brainstorm, reflect and plan with the most enthusiastic, thoughtful team you can imagine.

Choose excitement
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Co-create interviews with the world’s leading thinkers;

Tailor these questions to your school values and vision. Have the opportunity to unpick and implement these ideas from day one. 

Be the change

There are 3 ways we deliver this impact



Immediate access to a whole year's worth of community content

More information on our Courses


Interaction, support, connection and growth; literally at your fingertips

More information on our Community


Tailor your learning journey

More information About the Masterminds




Access to courses

Asynchronous book studies

Worldwide community

Feedback and commentary from Becky and advocates

Co-Create live events

Permanent access to all live events (during and after event)

Live book studies

First access to professional learning opportunities with the world’s leading minds

Share practice and learn from and with others

Monthly meet ups

Fortnightly coaching and planning sessions

Peer coaching sessions opportunities

Lead thinkers in a small, intimate group

Being part of Becky’s Learning Pioneer’s learning community is quite simply the best professional learning I have received in my 30 years of experience. Becky is a hugely inspirational leader.

She directs us as a group, along new pathways of thinking and under her guidance, we co-discover new elements which will make a difference to children’s learning. She has a network of leading educationalists at her fingertips who are invited to join Q and A sessions with us, and she is constantly posing new lines of inquiry for us. Becky’s energy and passion is contagious. Learning with Becky is an exciting, energising experience."

Fiona Chapman

Head of Teaching and Learning and Leadership Mastermind member

Suggested packages

Supercharge and magnify the impact of learning and collective efficacy 

The best way to supercharge and magnify the impact of learning and collective efficacy in your school is to have a combination of learning, sharing and collaborating from each sector of the community. We’ve put together a few combinations to make the most impact in your whole school.

These are merely suggestions based on potential scenarios we’ve seen work before, but since each school is at a unique stage on their journey, please reach out to discuss a bespoke combination that suits your specific situation.

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Dip Your Toes In

This package is designed for your teachers and your school to “get a feel” for Learning Pioneers with low risk and low investment. Here, your staff will get to try ideas out; however, this will be less likely to have a whole school deep impact.

  • 1 teacher in “Community” 
  • 2 teachers in “Courses”
Book a call with Becky to match a package to your budget -->

Whole school impact

This package is designed to develop a whole school culture of learning and for ideas to spread and impact across your school.

  • 1 teacher in “Mastermind” 
  • 2 teachers in “Community”
  • 5 teachers in “Courses”
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This package is ideal if you want to deepen and embed a whole school culture for learning, driven by your staff. We would recommend signing up 20% of your staff to elicit this kind of impact or change.
Here is an example of what you might think of:

  • 2 leaders in "Masterminds"
  • 2 teachers in "Masterminds"
  • 4 teachers in "Community"
  • 10 teachers in "Courses"
Book a call with Becky to match a package to your budget -->

Our Philosophy of Learning

Over the years in our community we have developed a deep philosophy of learning.

Learn more about our Philosophy of learning
"Becky pushes our thinking to the limits and, as Mastermind host, she gives us the space to dream, think and challenge ourselves as practitioners and leaders, no matter how busy our day is."
Rebecca Archer,
Deputy Head Teacher
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Book a 1:1 call with Becky Carlzon, our community designer.

We want to tailor a package to exactly fit your needs. In this 30-60 minute discovery call, you will have the opportunity to openly share your unique school context, learning journey so far and professional learning needs. From this, we can collaboratively tailor a package just for you.

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