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Masterminds are fortnightly 1 hour meetings with keen-to-learn practitioners. Amongst other things we have “Live” book study discussions to intentionally put ideas into practice and "hot seat" opportunities to gain perspective and input from your Mastermind crew.


We focus on developing classroom practice and leading from the classroom. Through following shared themes over time, we deepen practice, embed ideas and gain conscious competence in our practice. Members gain perspective, become excited about their roles and become top of their game in education.

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Leader Masterminds focus on what really matters in Leadership. From exploring ways to motivate and challenge staff to strengthening relationships to shaping meaningful curricula, our conversations are always deep, relevant and meaningful. Members gain a support network, discover blind spots and gain conscious competence in their leadership.

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Masterclasses dive into more depth into aspects of leadership and classroom practice. Curated with lead consultants across the globe, we ensure that they are inspiring, impactful, thought-provoking and practical. They follow a broken-down progression and there are opportunities to share thinking and gain feedback from our international community.

Masterclass Series Learning Power Approach (LPA)

Lead LPA consultant, Graham Powell, walks through a series of Masterclasses focusing on the leading through the LPA. Three sessions explore coaching, from coaching ourselves to training students to coach one another. He also shares key principles in developing a language for learning and, finally, we explore communicating a vision between primary and secondary schools. By the end of the series, you will gain a range of tried-and-tested techniques for embedding the LPA with your staff teams and in classrooms.

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Masterclass Series the LPA classroom

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Learning Pioneers courses are developed in collaboration with lead thinkers across the globe. They each go into more depth about one aspect of developing practice. Courses can be followed in your own time by yourself, with colleagues or with whole school teams.

Featured Course


Adrian Bethune and Becky Carlzon’s “Well-being” course walks through small steps you can take to put well-being at the heart of your schools and classrooms. Ideas are easy-to-implement, practical and enjoyable to embed. As you embed these ideas, your children will become happier, more connected and ready to learn.

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Featured Course


Professor Guy Claxton and Becky Carlzon’s LPA course covers the theory, frameworks and practical applications of the LPA. This course will challenge and deepen your thinking and spark ideas to develop the LPA in your own practice. By the end of this course, you will have a clearer understanding of the LPA and will feel confident and inspired to further develop your LPA practice.

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Our online learning community spans across the globe. It is a safe, inspiring and welcoming place to connect with like-minds and develop your practice. Through inviting in lead thinkers, drip-feeding content over time and sharing book studies, we embed ideas in our practice, gain confidence and feel excited about teaching and learning. Our community learning is built on John Hattie’s research into “collective efficacy”

Next "Live"

Our current inquiry line started in February 2023, where we will explore who we want to be as leaders - From leading a whole school, to leading teams to leading from the classroom, we are all leaders. Jennifer Abrams and Liz Pemberton inspired our thinking to kick-start this inquiry. This learning journey will develop your reflection skills, enable you to define who you want to be as a leader and empower you to show up as that person. You can gain access to the recording of this "live", all past "lives" and provocations to dive deeper into this inquiry by joining our thriving community and choosing "diving deeper" (TOP TIP: Take our free Micro-course for a discount voucher to join our community)

More info on "Lives" coming soon

Current book study

We are currently reading "Getting personal with inquiry" by Kath Murdoch and exploring how we can amplify learning through the LPA with an inquiry approach to learning.

Our next book study is coming up in April 2023 and with focus on student-driven assessment to align with our inquiry into "craftsmanship, reflection and feedback" with Trevor MacKenzie and Ron Berger.

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Lead thinkers and educators

James Nottingham
"...a fabulous community of inquirers and their mission to innovate and improve is truly commendable"
James Nottingham smiling at the camera
Bimla Singh
"I feel acknowledged and valued as a result of being part of Learning Pioneers"
Headshot of Simla Singh
Anne van Dam
"I love how they support each other in being thoughtful, reflective and curious educators who are committed to professional growth"
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Fiona Chapman
"...quite simply the best professional learning I have received in my 30 years of experience."
Headshot of Fiona Champan

Learning Pioneers is reconceptualising the notion of how teachers learn

Putting John Hattie’s research into Collective Efficacy into action, we provide a safe space to converse, collaborate and learn with the world’s lead thinkers and diverse international educators. Learning Pioneers has agency at its heart so you can drive your own professional learning journey and tailor it to your needs and context. Every drop of learning is powerful, meaningful and practical which ensures accelerated confidence and competence.

  • Active Collective Efficacy
  • Safe spaces to converse
  • Diverse international educators
  • Accelerated confidence and competence

"Joining Learning Pioneers is the best thing that I have done for myself, my career and for the children I teach in a long time! It is the best, self-led CPD available and the benefits are insurmountable"

Thumbnail picture of Carla Rose Skate
Carla Rose Skyte

"Learning Pioneers is a great example of international collaboration. It also energises teachers."

Thumbnail picture of Sandeep Kaur
Sandeep Kaur
Associate Head,
The Thinking School

"Becky pushes our thinking to the limits and, as Mastermind host, she gives us the space to dream, think and challenge ourselves as practitioners and leaders, no matter how busy our day is."

Tumbnail picture of Rebecca Archer
Rebecca Archer
Deputy Head Teacher

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