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Start Your Year Right

A FREE Retreat for teachers
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As much as you love connecting with and inspiring children, do you sometimes find yourself dreaming back to that relaxed feeling of the holidays?

As the term of the year kicks in, that cloud starts to loom over you, reminding you that, although you are really excited about getting to know your class and planning exciting learning opportunities you also know there are going to be challenges.

That there are also going to be curveballs.

And you will likely be asked to take on roles you weren’t really prepared for.

You might also feel compromised at times!


I know, I’ve been there. I’ve taught for 15 years, felt that feeling, said “yes” to things I would have been better politely saying “no” to, been bogged down in tasks that felt meaningless, started the year with great intentions for my well-being and boundaries only to see them slowly slip away from me without feeling I had any control.

Here’s the great news:

  • You CAN have control over your life and happiness and enjoyment of your job.
  • You CAN take care of yourself and the children in your care. 
  • You CAN find ways to politely say no AND have your boss thank you for it!

You know that saying, “it’s easy when you know how”?! Well, I PROMISE you that it is.

You just need to learn the right tricks, tools, language and mindset. Then, you can create a purposeful plan and intentions for YOUR BEST year ahead and also feel CONFIDENT and EXCITED about starting the new academic year and beyond.

Sound good?

Join me on my FREE 3-day learning experience for teachers just like YOU to purposefully plan starting your year right.


I’m doing this because I see teachers struggling to put themselves first because they care so much about the students and families they serve.

You'll learn how to:

  • kindly put boundaries in place
  • approach leaders with grace
  • stick to a robust self-care plan

I’ve read books, learnt with educational leaders, learnt from business leaders and coaches. And I want to distill these ideas and techniques down and share them with you.

I want you to feel excited and energised as you walk into school AND for you to have the tools to confidently continue this feeling throughout the year.

Don't wait until you already feel bogged down and that cloud descends too far. NOW is the time for you to take action and plan purposefully so you can feel your best, be your best and deliver your best self to your children...and your boss! I'm SO excited for this and can't wait to help you THRIVE.


This retreat will include:

3 “live” 30 minute sessions with Becky at 4pm BSTGiving you tools, reflections and insight to plan your boundaries, amplify your wellbeing and launch you into successAll “lives” will be recorded so you can watch back
Reflection tools and techniques to use throughout the yearSo your learning and new techniques continue throughout the year
Access to and feedback from Becky and Learning Pioneer Advocates to support you in your journeyBecause the best support comes in safe, nurturing community and we are invested in your well-being and growth.
Portrait of Bimbla, a member of Learning Pioneers

I feel acknowledged and valued as a result of being part of Learning Pioneers. I have always been passionate about teaching and learning - it's nice to be noticed for something you are doing and trying to do so well.

Bimla Singh
Teacher and LPA lead

Portrait of Rebecca, a member of Learning Pioneers

Becky pushes our thinking to the limits and, as Mastermind host, she gives us the space to dream, think and challenge ourselves as practitioners and leaders, no matter how busy our day is.

Rebecca Archer
Deputy Head Teacher

About Becky

Headshot of Becky Carlzon

Becky Carlzon is an optimistic primary school teacher, who specialises in the Learning Power Approach (LPA).

Becky facilitates two successful learning communities: Learning Pioneers and PressPlay, which support and challenge educators to become the best versions of themselves both professionally and personally.

She has written a “nearly-award-winning” book with Professor Guy Claxton called “Powering UP Children”, which focuses on empowering children to be life-long learners. 

Through staying connected with LPA schools and fellow practitioners, Becky is at the forefront of LPA practice across the globe. 

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